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what makes us different

diverse expertise in one law firm:  While there are many talented lawyers in Armenia, we at Prudence zealously aim at bringing the right talent to your matter. To achieve our aim in Armenia’s complex and challenging legal environment we hire and partner with highly regarded attorneys from different areas of practice to bring you diverse expertise in one law firm. 

finest & consistent quality of services: 
We choose our members among talented and experienced attorneys with impeccable professional reputation to secure the finest legal services available in Armenia. With a passion for excellence we promote teamwork to achieve consistent quality of advice and representation we provide.  

ethics & integrity:  All of the members of the firm adhere to the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity to zealously protect your interests.  

not just another attorney-client relationship:  We believe in the importance of a personal relationship and strong individual attention for understanding each client's needs and objectives. This allows us to provide innovative and effective legal advice.

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