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If you need guidance in complex legal environment we will provide you with advice in any of the areas of law. If you are in a specific industry we will make sure you are safely guided through the minefields of rules and regulations affecting your business. We will help you to fine-tune your relations with your partners and employees or secure the debt you are owed.

We will conduct due diligence and provide you with opinions on conformity of your transaction and counterparty. We will review your contract and red-flag you the flows, so that you do not assume any risks you are unaware of. Our most experienced attorneys will do a road-show that will save you endless number of problems.

If there are specific actions to be taken to protect your rights and interests, we will represent you serving as your attorney in any transaction or other legal relation. Whether it is setting a company, investing in an existing one, negotiating your contract, applying for a permit, registering your interest in property or disputing an administrative decision, you have highly motivated and experienced professionals adhering to the highest standards of professional integrity representing you in Armenia or internationally.

If there is no other solution to your matter we will take your case to the court or arbitration tribunal, where our best trail attorneys will vigorously pursue your cause, without missing a reasonable opportunity to settle the dispute if in your interests.

Contact us now. Find out how we can be of help. We will carefully listen to understand your needs. We will work with you closely to define your needs. We will quickly address them by providing you with the right service and expertise. We will not merely address your needs – we will bring you the best possible solutions, the safest, and yet – the most innovative ones.

Learn the terms of our service. To provide you with quality services you deserve, we will ask you to engage us by signing an engagement letter and transferring a retainer to our account.

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