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conflict of interests

The duty of loyalty we owe to you prohibits our attorneys and sometimes the entire firm from representing any other party with adverse interests. The few exceptions to this rule require informed written consent from all affected clients. In some circumstances, we will not even offer you to waive a conflict of interest to reliably protect you from any harm.

To reveal and avoid such situations we run a special “conflict of interests check” on a regular basis.

We report any conflict of interest situation to the clients involved and offer a solution. If we cannot represent you we promptly refer a lawyer or a law firm we know can handle your matter.

Furthermore, if there is a seeming conflict situation, which can be resolved within the firm, we implement reliable firewall arrangements isolating the practicing attorneys or the teams. This will be done only when you are fully advised of the circumstances and consent to the arrangements in writing.

We involve independent legal consultants to advise the firm on propriety of our arrangements and other ethical issues.

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