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Edward Mouradian
  Managing Partner


Prudence Law Firm, Legal Services, Armenia

Law Degree from Yerevan State University Department of Law, 1991 LLM in Business & Taxation from Capital University Law School,
Columbus, Ohio 1994
Edward Mouradian supervises and coordinates general practice and leads Prudence’s practice in Contracts, Corporate Law, International Business Transactions, Banking & Finance.
Well educated and richly experienced (over 16 years of practice), Edward Mouradian has a history of outstanding achievements in both the public and private sectors. Even holding high positions with the executive Mr. Mouradian practiced law consulting the government on a number of high-profile matters, such as sale of the shares of the major telecom operator in Armenia (Armentel/OTE), privatization of the Yerevan Brandy Factory (Perno Ricard) and Hotel Armenia (Marriott-Armenian), as well as many other major domestic businesses. Mr. Mouradian also represented the government in a number of litigations and international arbitrations. In a nod to his professional integrity, the RA Government appointed Mr. Mouradian to serve as a hearing officer in a major dispute with the OTE – Armentel shareholder. His opinion as the hearing officer led to lifting unpopular monopoly in mobile and internet services. Edward Mouradian has also played a leading role in reforming taxation system holding position of Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy in 1997 and drafting major tax laws and regulations. Mr. Mouradian has drafted major banking and securities laws, and is the founder of the first independent securities regulator in Armenia. During his judicial career, Chief Judge Mouradian (RA Commercial Court and RA Civil Court of Appeals) played a key role in reforming the judiciary, the civil and administrative processes as a member of Judicial Reform Committee, authoring introduction of precedents (case law) into the Armenian legal system. Mr. Mouradian also authored constitutional definition of the role of the Cassation Court – the supreme court of Armenia – as maintaining uniformity in law. Mr. Mouradian actively trained judges in evidence rules and other novelties in law.
Edward Mouradian held the following key positions –
Chairman of RA Civil Court of Appeals
Chairman of RA Commercial Court
Chairman of RA Securities Commission
Managing Partner of ILC (a US-Armenian law firm)
RA Deputy Minister for Finance & Economy
General Counsel of the RA Central Bank

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