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who we are

Prudence brings its clients advantages of a smaller, more intimate firm while representing a broad range of prominent clients in complex and sophisticated matters. We at Prudence establish personal relations with the client and pay strong individual attention to his needs and objectives

We are one team specialized in diverse areas of law. Carefully selected members of our team rank among the most recognized and experienced lawyers in Armenia – as the talent is what we promised you. The core members of the firm and members of our standing partnership arrangements compose the membership of the firm.

We hire the core of the firm’s membership to cement the professional standards you are entitled to require. We choose attorneys with significant academic record and the passion for excellence.

To keep our promise of bringing the right talent to every matter you have, we develop standing partnership arrangements with many recognized lawyers in every area of civil, business and even criminal law. We hold joint training sessions and discussions and promote teamwork to bring you the benefits of collective experience, consistent quality of service and diverse expertise in one firm.

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