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intellectual property

Modern economy poses a wide array of issues for businesses worldwide related to use and protection of products of intellectual work. Our Intellectual Property practice targets at finding effective and cost-efficient solutions for our clients. In this area our qualified attorneys provide the following services:

Copyright & Trademarks

    Copyright and trademark registration worldwide.

    Advice on copyright and trademark law, including use, licensing and protection.

    Advice on issues relating to copyrightability, fair use (including parody) and work-for-hire.

    Reviewing, drafting and negotiating copyright and trademark license agreements and work-for-hire agreements.


    Worldwide patent searches.

    Patentability evaluation.

    Paten prosecution worldwide.

    Reviewing, drafting and handling patent licensing and transfers. 

Know How / Trade Secrets

    Reviewing and drafting internal policies, non-disclosure, non-compete agreements.

    Advising on various aspects of know how / trade secrets protection.

    Reviewing, drafting and handling know how / trade secret licensing and transfers. 

We also render opinions concerning copyright, trademark, trade secret and other IPR infringements, as well as mediate, arbitrate and litigate Intellectual Property disputes.

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